About Xiamen

   Xiamen, China's cleanest, most beautiful, seaport city, is located on the southeastern coast of Fujian Province. Xiamen City, as an administrative unit, can be dated back as far as the Song Dynasty. It has always been an important trading port, but since its establishment as one of China's first four Special Economic Zones in 1981, Xiamen has become a 'window city' for China's opening to the outside world. It's one of the municipalities approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, being specially designated under separate state plan and enjoying provincial level of power in economic management. Today, Xiamen is a rapidly growing city, with a vigourous economy and a fully-modern infrastructure. Over the past 10 years, Xiamen has increasingly focused on the cultivation of international trade, education, and tourism. Short tour in Xiamen city.

Tour Opportunities 

Gulangyu Islet

   Gulangyu Island, located to the southwest of Xiamen, is only about a five-minute journey by local ferry. The name of the island means 'above-the-sea garden' because of its variety of pretty flowers, the best of which can be viewed in the Shuzhuang Garden. 

   The highest point on the island, the Sunlight Rock, is also the symbol of Xiamen city. Just as the saying 'one who has not visited the Great Wall is not a true hero'; those who have not visited the Sunlight Rock cannot claim to have truly seen Xiamen.

   Gulangyu Island is also named 'Island of Piano' after the well known piano museum with various pianos of different periods from all over the world. Possibly due to the beautiful scenery here, people living on the island have a strong liking for music, boasting the highest piano ownership rates in China.

   Gulangyu Island is by far the best sight of this beautiful town, with its variety of colonial buildings, pleasant winding streets and musical locals. There are so many charming features, from the profusion of ancient trees, all labeled, to the variety of seafood restaurants.

  The Underwater World of the Islet has a variety of marine life exhibits worth visiting.

Nanputuo Temple

    Nanputuo Temple is known as 'the Ancient Temple of One Thousand Years'. It was built in Tang Dynasty (618-907) and is one of the famous ancient temples in Minnan (South Fujian Province).

   Tianwang Palace, Daxiong Palace, Dabei Palace, Cangjing Palace, the side rooms, the bell and the drum buildings form a group of buildings which look magnificent of Buddhist feature, showing the dignity of Buddhist laws.Tourists and local Buddhists often come here to pray, and this makes this Temple active and widely known.

   You can also taste the unique and well-known vegetarian food of Nanputuo Temple.

On one side of Nanputuo Temple is situated the Minnan Buddhist College which was set up in 1925, and is a place to publicize the Buddhist scripture and educate Buddhist followers.         

The Ring Road

   With the breadth of 60 meters, and two-way 6 driveways, The Ring Road is the 1st level city sub-artery. The motorway of the road has the breadth of 18-24meters, cycle way 6-8 meters and that of greening belt is 80-100 meters. The eastern Ring Road is located just opposite the small Quemoy Island, Erdan Island and Dadan Island, which now are under Taiwan control. The Ring Road is designed for both communication and tourism functions. 

   The Ring Road is designed with subtropical sightseeing. Driving on the Ring Road, people will enjoy the sun, and view of beaches, waves, and greenland. It is an ideal destination of recreation and vacation.